"Возьмите это, Ты мать ублюдок!" - Rebel is fighting with Russian Mercs.


And He got a scald on his neck.

Name is wrong it must be, “Получай, ублюдок!” Or “Получай, выблядок!” Pic is pretty cool.

Thanks, Google translater is sux :slight_smile:

It is actually good for single word translation. But it sucks at sentences translation.

Aaaand here I thought I was the one to do it. :frown:

What does it mean

Something like: “Take this, you motherfucker!”

Oh, this russian phrase - it’s funny to me. :smile:

Google translator really sux.

Oh, lol.

Badass pose, and the muzzleflashes look pretty neato. If a tad misshapen.

As a russian man i can say that google translate sucks :smiley:

Nice badass picture.

The muzzleflash is tad yellow but the posing and lighting are very nice.

looks really cool, but contrast looks a little too high