Rebel kneeing a Combine in the stomach

Hurr durr editing test, C&C please.

The motion blur looks very nice.

Very well posed


Thanks guys, your comments keep me motivated to keep posing :3:

Great motion blur.

Thanks, mate :buddy:

Shame about stupid Source and its red jpeg compression. :frowning:

It’s from a flare :v:

I know why there is red, just saying that when you take a picture on Source with lots of red in it, it gets bad jpeg compression.


And that’s a shame.

Yeah, it happens sometimes, but this one seems fine.

He seems a bit too calm.

I like the motion blur and the posing.

Great job, my love<3

Not really; look at the Rebel’s face.

Posing is alright, but you still picked a very plain and boring camera angle, this picture doesn’t really have anything that catches your eye.

I kinda like the lighting and atmosphere.
Allthough its not really eye-cathing I like it.

Have some wood ol chap.