Rebel Looking at Main Power Source?

I couldn’t really come up with a good title, sorry. This is pretty much my first edit I took time on, so I decided to post it. This is my first time doing rim lighting and such so **criticism is very well appreciated. **



Very well for a first edit mate! Just if you want to make it more in depth light his feet up with the floor lighting.

I liked it so much it’s my desktop backround now

I really like the rim lighting as well the camera angle.

You did the blur on the editing program right? :cop:

Use Super DoF, a lot easier to use and it looks a lot sexier too(Remember to isolate as well, when editing, i see some weird edges around the rebel).

And last, if you want us to critic your editing skills, you could add the original to the OP so it’s easier for us to see what you did.

Very nice editing for a first!

Yea I did, It was super late when I was doing this it would’ve been better if it was earlier in the night. I was thinking of adding the original last night, I guess i was too tired. Added original to the OP.

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.

The shading is nice on the rebel, and the rim lighting is pretty cool, keep on truckin.

Thank you kind sir.

Nice first edit, but go easy on making the picture darker.

I don’t do that in all my edits, it did it to show the light, but thanks.

:gizz: its awesome

Haha thank you.