Rebel looks down the barrel of a metro-cop

just realized I may have added to much noise

C&C are always appreciated

Bit too much noise. Still looks pretty good.

Are those cops duplicated? Still, very nice picture.

yea it is, the only difference is the left hand, realized if he was going to point at the rebel too no reason to re-pose the whole cop except for the hand.


another thing i don’t know how but i want to do to is making the metro cops eyes glow, i have gimp, can anyone help me there?

Yeah, a little too noisy but I fucking love the angle and posing. Great job.

It would have been cool if you finger posed the metro on the right to be pulling back the hammer on his pistol w/ his thumb.

It’s nice, except the rebel’s arm posing.

And damn those beta metrocop masks. Those are creepy.