Rebel looks into a Combine scope and spots a retarded aligator.



I had to.

The rebel pose is good, but a retarded alligator is just


I had to lol

May not be the best pose and for some reason not using the good skins, but I still laughed.

I see no difference in those except Phonged cars and slightly higher weapons, as for the characters I can’t tell shit. Downloading now to see.

to continue my wtf i mean its funny and made good but the wtf was for the aligator

They have better colored clothing. Adds variety and everything looks much more crisp and likable.

Cars don’t actually have any reskin I don’t think. The weapons are much more high res and if I’m correct have better sounds, if not that pack, then this one has the higher res sounds/viewmodels:

Everything will look better and much more fresh, you won’t be disappointed.

He’s retarded. . .

i know that lol

I laughed royally.

hahaha clever shit

Should I do more stuff like this or continue working on regular pictures?


NO.This was unfunny.Go back to making lovey dovey pictures of men in tights raping terrorist while fire M60’s,In outer space.

it looks like you like the oify, now gtfo

Well I know both, but I mean like do this for a little or… ah :wtf: I’ll just upload them as they come to me. :smiley:


I wouldn’t say it’s a win, but I wouldn’t say it’s a loose either.
I did something like this a very long time ago but with two Boomers.

didn’t expect it to happen, but:

it was both funny and original