Rebel Medic Yelling at Civi's

…To go into the scary, bloody doorway.




(Not a) Funny story behind this picture
I was trying to spawn a normal Rebel model, and I didn’t realize that the Killing Floor models replaced some of the rebel models, so i got frustrated, as usual, and I whipped him down the corridor with the phys-gun and Iw as in the middle of posing the Dead Combine when I noticed him lying there in a strange position, I thought it was a half Zambie crawling at me but I remembered I disabled teh AI for NPCs (of cousre) and I went to inspect it. and i couldn’t see it becasue of the lack of light and when I turned on my Flashlight, he was in this position. And I got a pretty good Chuckle out of this. But yeah, about an hour went into this pose (Because I’m lazy and took a couple brakes and I had to take out the Carborator out of my Snowmobile and I did that and came back inside tofinish this up. But I’m ranting so I’ll be quiet now. :smile:
(Most I’ve ever wrote in one sitting on Facepunch!)

C&C and all that Jazz.:buddy:

it’s quite good

Oh my god. I loled at how fucking sad the black guy looked. Nice posing and shading anyways.

Posing on the medic looks… odd - like he’s sticking his chest out too much.

That’s because he is. He is Alpha Male!
I watch the Animal Planet too much.:smile:

But in all seriousness, it’s becasue of the model the vest is a bit large and make it look like he has breastises sort of. THanks for the Comments everyone! :buddy:

The pose of the medic is a bit weird and stiff but overall a nice pic

The medic looks a bit weird and I think the vortigaunt just looks out of place, otherwise great pic!

“You! go in the blood room!”

I sense racism but that’s just me anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t you mean civies?

anyway this is good…blood is a tad too bright but other than that,it’s ok