Rebel models

Hi, Where do i find rebel models so i can edit them.

Garrysmod GCF or half-life 2 GCF.

I found it but the problem for me is i look through all the files and fond nothing on the rebels.

What do i do after i go into the Garrys moid or Hl2 GCF?

I asked this ages ago can someone answer me please thanks

models\humans\group03 and group03m

Which one


I checked both but the problem i now have i don’t see what you typed

Open the Source CFG, then open hl2 (or skip that part if it doesnt have one), open models, search for humans, open it. Then open group03 or group03m folders. There should be the rebel models.

Do i need the source cfg?

Where else would the models be :downs:

I found it now i didn’t see it straight away


What is a good program to use to edit models?

Is there any good programs which allows you to make the models better?

So now we need to tell you how to model? :doh:

No i know how to model just wanted different programs

3Ds Max 09 is my favorite.

I need to know about these types of files:


Different parts of the actual model.
The only thing I know is PHY being the physicsbox.

How do i edit them ?

They are all a part of the .mdl file. Use the MDLDecompiler to change their format.

Nm i got it.