Rebel plays through Combine Fall (Zupinata's)

He couldn’t get on facepunch so he asked me to post it for him.

Thread music

Hey, Zip, what’s up with the background line blur my man?

Well I’m on laptop now, The blurry man is like a Rebel marching through, I did, gaussian blur, and waves, to make it have like a focus effect, Its my 3rd ever edit took me like 42 min to select and get all shadows perfect, and get the bruise on his face, but I cant get like dark kind of color here is original, I tried to post it myself but internet kept crashing


In other Details, the Rebel is thinking back when the Combine Fall happened, hes to the left, you cant see his face or body, just his arm, and gun, and if you don’t get it "Its a blurry memory of the combine fall (see how noone is paying attention to him?)

No more comments? lots of views though

hm…hearing this and seeing the musician, I would of pitcured, him sitting down on a bench playing that song after a costly battle.

but thats just me. still a good choice of music.