Rebel Runs Away From Shooting Metro Cop

Rebel Runs Away From Shooting Metro Cop

C&C please. I’ll put up the comparison link later.

Splashes look very… unfitting.

The lighting is really good, especially on the cop, but the splashes look out of place… really out of place. Also, the way he’s shooting with one hand and radio-ing with the other looks dumb, and the shells are ejecting into his face, which isn’t a good idea.

The Metrocops don’t seem to care a whole lot about the escaping citizen.

Noted! Thanks for commenting. This is my first time using splashes so…yep.

The editing itself may be fine but you have to think about what the individual people would be doing in the situation because this is just downright dumb, no offense.

The metrocop is reaching and talking in the ear piece whilst shooting (and missing may i add) the citizen that is no more then 4 meters in front of him.

The splashes would be fine if you added a ripple effect in the water, a nice way i have found of doing this is;

Select a circle around the water surface in which you want to be ‘rippling’, fill it with a rather low opacity white/slighty grey and then use the eraser tool on the body so you can’t see the ripple through the non-transparent person. Then a radial blur - spin. It takes some fiddling and duplicating, but it ends up rather nice if you can do it well.

Also i’m going to be a douche and mention the two shells coming from the gun, two shots that fast single-handed…

I’m saying all this because it looks like you have a clear potential, keep at it and i hope you can improve my friend.

Noted! Thanks for commenting. Believe it or not the citizen is VERY far away, it’s the camera zoom.

Holy Shit dat lighting.
It is awesome!!

I’m glad you think so! :buddy:

this, also her must be a good shot cause he’s not running after him