Rebel scout standing on a tower


Thank you :smiley:

I see he’s doused his wool cap with olive oil

Handposing on the rifle could use a little work.

What the fudge?
How can I see his skull???
And the rifle pose could do some work.

It’s a mask.

Oh, thanks.
Thought for a second that rebel was some sort dead walking skeleton with clothes and a gun :smiley:

That is fucking awesome!!

Cool, I like the angle and DoF, altho he is shining too much.

skull…mask…is he ghost?

More people then Ghost wear skull mask.

I like it.

But the mask reminds me of Ghost, which reminds me of MW2, which makes me angry.

Nice picture but very boring.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not everything has to be not boring.

I take it you made the model off of your skull balaclava?

Mosin Nagant = sex

Nope, a friend of mine ported it from Fo3.

Just because hes whit an mosin nagant, this pic should be 5*

Damn, 'cause it looked like the one on your Steam ID.