Rebel shooting from a corner.

Wanted to try to do a nice edit. Turned out pretty nice I figure. :3

*Fixed Muzzle flash.

I figure a bit dark, and his left hand is a bit messed up.

Not bad. BUt that muzzle thingy kinda cuts off at that big texture. I mean like cuts off there.

Looks nice but the muzzleflash is a bit too white-ish and the end of it its a bit flat(it looks like its stopping at the metal post/pillar/whatever).

The muzzeflash ends really weirdly and the guy isn’t holding the weapon.

lighting looks good, posing is awkward

Thanks for the comments guys, and as for the Muzzle Flash cutting off, it seems there is a layer right ontop of the end of it.

The muzzle flash needs more color, but it’s actually a good picture! Lighting is a TAD bit on the weird side too. Rated pallet.