Rebel Shooting The Almighty Off Screen

Just a quickie. I lack the creativity for a good title…

Rebel Shooting Off Screen


C&C Gentlemen.

P.S. Fire was kind of a last minute thing, go easy on that.

Posing looks lazy and slobby.

I’m assuming you mean sloppy. :v: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to improve upon my posing.

No, I mean slobby, just like I said. Don’t you try to correct me.

Oh. :ohdear: I’m sorry…

I textured some things. I think it looks pretty good now…

“Die, stupid flames!”

He’s not holding the gun at all. The texturing is a nice attempt but it looks lazy - the clothing looks like it’s made of leather and the textures on the hood aren’t following the curvature of it.

Thanks for commenting! This was my first time textureing but I’ll try my best to improve.

should raise the arms up so that he’s looking through the sights :smiley:

Will do! On my next pose of course. Thanks for commenting!