Rebel Sits In the Light

Rebel Sits In the Light



I would have chosen a different pose, but this is nice. Good edit.

The sunbeams look nice.

Thanks! Try to ignore his arm’s posing. I tried with his arm, I REALLY did.

It seems that you already have a grip on angles and atmospheres, both things look pretty nice here, but I cant ignore the arm, it looks pretty bad, what you were trying to do with it?

Just hang it on the back of the chair. You know when you lean back in your chair and your arm just kind of flips over the back part of the chair? So easy to do, so hard for me to explain. :v:

Ohh, I cant blame you THAT much for it, because the default rebel models arent rigged perfectly and they are abit hard to pose but if it didnt worked you should have just left his arm hanging or something else.

Guess you’re right.

The arm would work if he were in a more slouched, relaxed pose.

really nice atmosphere, what is he doing btw
DoF is pretty good too

Nice lighting.