Rebel sitting and watching out through a window.

Couldn’t think of a good title for this one.

Didn’t take long to pose, editing took a while though, re-did it a few times.

Please take a moment to compare the edited version with the original


I listened to this song when I saw the picture:
Fitted perfectly have an artistic.

Thank you :3:


I agree…I was listening to

Who is Kim Petras?

sex change 12 year old (now 16)

You gotta be kidding me.
That girl was a boy?

looked like a girl at 12 anyways

Whats wrong with humanity…

Damn you, humanity :argh:


Now comment the picture!

Nice pic. Lighting on the combine dude is quite nice.

Thank you, Chesteh :3:

Good lightning and good posing! Artistic for you.

Why, thank you my good sire.

Any more comments?

I love the picture so I edited it:

Uncropped version:


Hmm just noticed the eyes are still glowing. I’ll remove that if you like.


Okay two new versions without the glowing eyes:

I like the glowing eyes. Nice edits Chesty, Zeraxify.

I like it.

I like the ones without the glowing eyes. Don’t the Combine’s eyes stop glowing when they die? (Not literally because Valve never made it that way, but I would imagine their reflex eyesight would turn off on death to assist life support or something)

Anyway, it’s a nice, well-balanced picture.