Rebel sneaks up on some Brutes

Sort of a test of some Halo models I have. I thought this was ok, i Don’t have any good programs that can make effects besides I don’t have much experience with that… So enjoy these picture’s with ok posing and no effects!

If you don’t want to see the same picture from different views don’t look at the following


Needs better lighting.


& why are the brutes standing back to back?


Brutes don’t wield swords.

Posing’s okay-ish, but the pics are very bland. There’s not much going on. Also, I agree with Faunts in that the pics need better lighting.

You could’ve turned up the AA for the pictures, but oh well. Map lightning isn’t that great either.

What happened to the brutes? Mine don’t look like that, and I’m 99% sure I have the same models as you.

Up the graphics, maybe those texture problems will go away :frowning:

I’d need a new graphics card. I tried upping the graphics and it froze gmod. I tried getting a new graphics card but it just made it lag more on steam games.

and I know that brutes don’t used swords, I just wanted him to hold it. (also I swear I’ve been killed by a brute with a sword before in halo 3!)

Brutes don’t look that bad on an xbox :\

I personally hate these pictures because it has something related to halo but here are my opinions on what you did here. You got some shitty models, placed them in garrys mod, you then proceeded to put shame onto the HL2 Engine and place Halo weapons onto a TOTALLY different character from a TOTALLY different game, and the WORST thing you did was post them here… Bad posing, brutes don’t use swords, and bad models. Try harder please…

use a industrial, or nighttime map. It would look better than the forest, add more things to the picture. Up the AA as much as you can before the shot.

made this quick try to do it on a map like that, and add detail to it.