Rebel sniper aim's for breen

This is my verry first posing i made for Facepunch

Im not very great but il go train to go better and better
and feel free to edit

Is not bad, but the hand and fingerposing needs work, he is not grabbing the rifle right.
Also needs a better angle, that doesnt show so many empty streets and ugly buildings.

And you need to put your AA on max when you take a screenshoot and put the quality at 100.

Don’t use npc’s but the hand needs to be better, and put up the quality, aa max, and a better map

He’s gonna miss.

il sure do

Why is exactly Breen standing around with such measly protection in the middle of a street?

With sharpshooters with that kind of accuracy, I don’t think Breeny has much to worry about.

I can see the void outside the map.
Also, “aim is for breen?”

Wouldn’t the scanners find the rebel by now?There’s billions of them…

Nice npcs.

He’s gonna shoot the door to the right, are the rebels so desperate that they send a moron who can’t aim for shit?

But when Breen hears the shot, he will panic and run to that door, but since the handle is shot off he will smack his face on the door instead, ensuring victory against the Combine.

why does he have nig- ehhh, black hands?

i think of the dirt =/

The graphics, they burn.
Massive Clipping with the scout.
He is gonna miss.
Improve your Graphics, never ever use NPcs, think when youre posing(that guy isnt aiming on breen, Clipping…).

Hope this helps yah.

The angle is okay, but the posing and and gun model needs work. Go onto and search Larry and download those pack’s(it’s pretty much the best gun pack out there for posers.)