Rebel sniper team on a roof

Alt link if you can’t see it:

They are gonna be really pissed when they realize the fire was never on and they wasted 2 hours waiting for the food to get cooked.

Edit; Really nice posing, I like that Combine/MW2 outfit.

Cigarette could use some glow and smoke to make it look like it’s lit. Left guy’s right wrist looks broken, and his neck is weird. Other than that, good screen Hunter!

Now I can see.

looks nice.

-snip- He can now.

The girly way of holding the cig doesn’t really fit with how badass the rest of the picture is.

Looking at how the legs and the head of the Combine MW2 dude are posed made me think of this…

“Combine MW2 Guy : Can I go to the bathroom?? I really need to pee!
“Cigar Guy: What ever man.

Smoking’s a bad habit.