Rebel Sniper

Just a sniper with some some m16 or some shit with an acog. trying to get better at editing mostly

there’s two more screens that go with this one but it’s late and i want to go to bed so I’ll edit them and upload them here sometime tomorrow.

C&C please.


if you view it please post your opinion on it, this is for the betterment of me, people.

I like the pose, but that rifle doesn’t look like a sniper though. The edit is quite good, however you’ve only darkened everything except for the guy and his gun so it looks kinda wierd. Otherwise good picture, i like the facepose!

Pose looks good, but his expression makes me lol.

I like the original better. The black and white background doesn’t belong with the all color guy. Also the guy looks better with his facial hair. :v: Though you edited out pretty well. :golfclap:

Did you just de-saturate the background? it doesn’t make it look better.

Faceposing made me lol.

Ludo’s right, the rifle does’nt look like a Sniper.

It’s a gun with an acog, so he’s a marksman then.

thanks for everyone’s opinions, i’ll try to do better.

Since when is a sniper a weapon?

OT: His faceposing is awesome <:

Ok well an explanation, I had other screens of where he’s looking at a CP about to execute a friend, but I can’t get the scope to turn out how i like it. so that’s why his face is like that, he’s angry/disgusted.

That gun looks tiny

camera angles.

It’s sad how modern videogames have infected our minds of what certain “weapons” are…

A REAL sniper rifle, is usually an M4 or M16 with a medium / high powered sight, not some giant WTF Handcannon rifle of massive effect spam and giant bullets.

Those “Sniper” rifles are for advance recon, and henceforth you would never see one on the battlefield except in certain situations. What he is holding is a pretty much a real sniper rifle, but ACOG sights are meh.

Also, you would never see a M107 Anti-Material Rifle or a M82 Anti-Vehicle Rifle (“Barret .50 Cal Rifles”) in actual combat. They are used for taking out light armored or unarmored vehicles.

There’s my two cents.

I think he is retarted