Rebel standing around

See, no more generic :smiley:

The blood is way too dark.

Since when do laser sights penetrate human flesh? :v:

Nah, it’s nice. I like the colours.

Don’t get all technical with me :argh:

Attack of the mega low res Robots.

That poor high res rebel doesn’t stand a chance.

What the fuck did you do to the harvester? :argh:
I gotta say, I lol’d.

No, the impact there is close to the Inferior Vena cava which carries Oxygen poor blood to the heart which means that the blood has a dark colour (the more oxygen the brighter the blood is). I’m a geek I know.


Give me Artistics.

Well it looks like he is made out of mud, so he could have at least made the blood a tad brighter.

the robot is way too low res…

I wouldn’t think getting hit with a laser would make you bleed. I would think it would cauterize the wound immediately. Still funny, still good, have an arty.

You are all extremely technical.