Rebel standing in the rain

I swear I saw you do this pose before.

You’re not very original. :v:

Rifle positioning isn’t natural. Nobody would hold it directly horizontal. Its heavy, so it should be pointing up.

edit: Yea, thats what I thought too.

Looks pretty good imho.

I’m saving my originality for my next two poses ;D

Yea that’s the same pose, why would you use the same one?

I needed something to try rain on.

The rifle needs to be held closer to the scope. That is where the majority of the weight is.

Nice rain, nice pose.

It looks pretty good, but the way he holds the rifle is bothering me a lot, it should be tilted a bit backwards considering most of the weight is at the back of it.

The rain is ok but its too uniform and marked(edgy, pronounced, w/e), maybe try some radial blur to simulate the wind preasure and blurring the rain drops a bit.

Yeah the rain’s not that great either.