Rebel takes out an APC with his RPG.


blood looks awful, some clipping issues with the rebels by the car, little overkill on the DoF and blur, floating props, try to avoid the default fire… try editing some in

as far as editing goes I recommend you follow this:

overall fairly nice…

I didn’t place any floating props and the rebel isn’t clipping into the car, that is just the door.
And yes it was my first time making blood and it looks really bad but I am getting better working with Photoshop.

I came in expecting shit

And i found something halfway decent

  1. why .bmp

  2. shouldn’t that RPG not have the shell on the end

The rebel reloaded his RPG and he is about to shoot the one on top and .bmp kicks .jpeg’s arse.

BMPs blow and your picture is not loading.

.bmp blows man, but it looks pretty good.

Fine, ill reupload as a jpeg.

Heres what I’m talking about

Its ok, altough there should be some back blash effect, and some are floating