Rebel vs Spongebob

Constructive Critizisim?

Animation was pretty good for a first. I’d stop using fraps though and try source recorder. It’ll remove lag and you won’t have to worry about the watermark. Also try not to record lua errors.

Not bad for a first video.

[quote=“ComradeT, post:2, topic:75201”]

Also try not to record lua errors.QUOTE]

Until I can find a fix for this finger glitch that keep happening, that LUA errors still gonna be there.

Please don’t taake this too poorly, but I couldn’t keep watching this past 00:59 due to the utter rediculousness factor. Maybe be a little more realistic? like people not randomly slapping each other?


Now it’s possible


Good job for a first video. Till I found out it was 13 minutes long. But that shows you have dedication. Now fill it with good stuffs.

Constructive Criticism?

  • Please use “Catmull Cameras” next time. (
  • 13 minutes, wait no it was 11:42 plus 1:09 of black, is way to long for a video like this, 2-3 minutes makes more sense.
  • “HAX!” is unfunny, over used and doesn’t help the video in any way.
  • Use source recorder instead of Fraps. You get better FPS, better video quality and no watermarks.
  • Random map changes didn’t work.
  • Music…