Rebel with Seal head headhack

Ok…can anyone take this rebel

Take his head off using a model editor…

And put it on a Counter Terrorist

This Counter Terrorist in the picture the Seal Team 6 CT

Or if you know of a model like that already give me a link…

If you compile the models using a model editor just give me the link to the download

I can do the rest…Thanks for the help

Please don’t post crap here if it is not related to the subject :smiley:

I know this might sound ridiculous…but it will look awesome…I really think it will

Sorry if this is mod prediction, but this is supposed to be in the Model/Skin Requests section. Stuff like this is really clogging up this section.

You could just… you know… Use the Inflator to remove the head off the ct and remove the body of the rebel and weld them together.

Wrong thread.Sorry

also image tags look like this [noparse][/noparse]

ok sorry i will edit that


well…thats the not-so-good way…I understand this can take awhile and I would appreciate if someone could make this model I am requesting for :slight_smile:


can someone please helpppp???

Ask in the Models & Skins Section

Although I don’t know why you posted it here to start with because I’m sure you’ve made requests in M&S before. :raise:

Dude, not everything is EXACTLY like you want it to be. Take it or leave it.

Hakita, that wasn’t a helpful comment now was it?


A good friend of mine is into this sort of thing, I will pass the thread to him. He is a friendly person so I dont think he will say no.

He is very talented in this kind of thing too :smiley:

He made the Neo Heavy Combine on

Nah, i did the same thing on my first request for a player model to.

Which btw is actually being made for UT3 and gmod as i type.

Jason278 right?


I dont want it to be a player model…I made that VERY specific in my thread I said that I just needed the model files and I can do the rest


something that looks like this…


oh! my bad! ^_^’

its alright :slight_smile: