Rebellion and Clumsy Yankees

Made this one a while before I went to Norway on the employment interview but never got around to posting it.


Made this one yesterday… Just something straight outta my mind pretty much!


Excellent editing.

Nice pictures, But the potted plant next to the police seems out of place.

I really like the first one. Good job on that, and I lol’d at the plotted plant.
Also Norway ftw.


Wow! IS that gmod?

The 1st picture looks like gta iv :slight_smile:


my god i hate those reskinned hunters…i honestly think they look retarded with those bandages on…i mean the original hunter is ok but the human version looks just plain weird to me…

maybe if it was remodeled without those bandages?

anyway nice editing on both pictures…i see you even added some facial expression on the unfaceposable US soldier…but his posing looks a bit off…

The guy’s face in the second pic made me lol. Nice editing on both, although that RGB thing on the first picture is too strong in my opinion (correct me if I’m wrong).

How the hell can I correct you on your oppinion? :stuck_out_tongue:

“I think it looks too strong”
“No you don’t”
“No I don’t”

I love that hunter reskin you did.

These pictures, they are excellent.


Wow, the second one is really great.