Rebellion - Made by me, Zodiac.

This is the first video that I consider worthy of posting.
I like to think at it like 2001: A Space Odissey (don’t take me wrong, not goin’ to say that my video it’s even an unfair match with Kubrick masterpiece)…
You can see in it what you want, a mediocre video of scene, a worthless piece of shit, or a fine job.
Anyway, here’s the video:

If someone could explain me how to embedd video it would be nice :slight_smile:

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Der ya go. All you have to do is put media tags before and after your link. so [media-] LINK [/media-]

When you do it, make sure that you take out the dashes.

all cam movements are too slow. I don’t think i can call this a machinima, it barely has a purpose in it. yea nice camera movment but wasn’t very entertaining. it’s like we watched all those camaera movement just to see someone suicide.

oK, thanks :slight_smile:

@ Tonz: Got it, more actions, less sleepy camera movements