" Rebellious Blow " - A citizen of City 17 takes a final blow on a patrol unit.

C&C please :smiley:

The posing is a bit weird.

Looks good

It may look weird.

But I must state I used a very exact referance picture (which I’ve now lost) and have posed the man in the exact posture in relation to the referance pic.

Keep in mind the posture of the human body can seem a bit odd, or unfamiliar once captured in a singal frame in contrast to seeing them move all the time.

The angle is pretty awesome, same for the posing.
Editing is cool too.

I lol’ed at the dude’s face, he looks pissed.

Ain’t no mercy for the wicked.

Nice lighting. The way Breen is in the background is really great.

“MY chair.”

Floating dresser

Attached to the wall.

Who attaches dressers to walls?

Tall people :v:

That looks like a cabinet.

its supposed to be on a wall

it was there in other rooms during hl2

so shush

I thought we were talking about the dresser on the left with the back legs above the floor.

All he needs is a folding chair. :v:

fight the powah!

Oh, that.

It’s amazing how much detail one would go into just to find something bad in a pic xD

I can’t get over how good the bin looks.

Wooooooah*** :allears:

pictures like this make me feel sympathetic to the metrocops