Rebellious Problems: Part Two

Here’s the second part!
If you haven’t read the first one you can find it here.
Anyway, hope you enjoy reading this one!

Rebellious Problems: Part Two

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The shortness makes ya want more…soo…get to it.

That Gman is a Spy.

Nice to see your back at this as well :smiley:

Ah, this is genius!
When I saw the title I was expecting some angsty teen thing. Instead, I’ve seen this spectacular eyegasmic piece of gold. Keep 'em coming, this is great!

These are really good! Hurry up and make the next one.

I like. Well made.

Yeah, I’m sorry, but I’m not likely to continue on this anytime soon.

Put a lot of effort into these parts, but it felt like a waste of time when comics such as
“Hold up y’all…” and “Sexual harassment” got more views/replies/ratings in a few hours
than I got in a week. Not trying to be an attention whore or anything - I just don’t think
putting this much effort into making eye-candy is worth it when no-one even “eats” it.
Better off just making a comic with a bunch of lame screenshots and title it “Boobies.”

True, but would you rather impress a hundred dumbfuck 12 year olds, or half a dozen mature guys and gals who know quality when they see it?
This has turned out beautifully, and I think that’s because you enjoy comic making. If you enjoy it, continue, and do so at your own pace. You don’t owe us anything, so we’ll wait patiently. And it is nice to come into the comics forum occasionally and see something of this calibre amidst the drivel.

(If you want more views, why not title the next episode “Boobies”, and spin out a load of puns around that? Who knows, maybe you’ll convert some FP’ers).

I know the feeling. My first comic ever only got about 200 views, maybe more or less, before it fell off the first page and almost no replies. Since then it still only has 600 views and it’s been there since October. Because of that I still haven’t gotten around to finishing the second episode since not many people care I reckon.

Still, yours is a lot better than mine and I’m sure if you keep at it you’ll do well.