Rebels battling a hunter.

I like this pose.

I chose to not have any motion blur in this one, because I really didn’t feel it looked better.

Also, file name.

I could kill it with my bare hands.


pretty nice

lol at the guy cowering below the guy who’s getting kicked

He ain’t getting kicked, he gettin’ Huntahslapped.

nice one


you should do one of a guy turned around with blood flying from his mout, and the hunter in a kicking postiion

The scared guy is a pussy. Not much to point out here. Good work.

Huntahslapped. I like that expression.

The pose of the Hunter isn’t very dynamic, but the rest looks good.


Kinda empty though.

Would have liked to see some bullets pinging off the Hunter from the guy on the left.

Looks good though.

Good pic.

the picture looks good, I just dont really like the hunter pose. it doesnt really look like there is much force in his attack

muzzles lack shape but lighting and angle looks nice
also some sparks or something that shows the hunter got hit would be nice

rebels lose because they are fighting a hunter

Really nice and all, but the guy taking cover looks really :downs:, I don’t know why.

So your telling me in the field you’ll be punching hunters?

Looks great.

I like it, but there should be some hunter’s blood on it’s body, since it has been shot or it is being shot.

Thanks for all the C&C. Yeah, I could’ve added a little bit of blood, I agree.

neat lighting

A++ comment.