Rebels climb over a chain fence.

The compression kind of murdered it, but I don’t think it looked good anyway. Made it in about an hour, maybe a bit more. attack.gif

So, yeah, comments?

Worst posing I’ve seen in weeks. And the editing is really weird too.

the posing is not so terrible

fucking shit what the fuck happened to the poor picture holy fuck damn

Yes it is, it looks like he’s doing the robot.

The posing is not half bad, just needs more effort. Seems like he wasn’t willing to spend enough time on it.

I don’t think it’s super bad, it just needs alot more work.

Tuck in the butts there

No it isn’t.

** Why ** would you save a picture as a .gif?

This posing is what Bethesda would’ve done if they posed in Gmod.
Not as bad as others, but looking stiff.

Medics face= wtf?, guy on the cade needs better posing alot better posing.

  1. Boring background
  2. Shitty Quality
  3. Overused scene
    This could not have taken you an hour, it doesn’t even look like they’re climbing over anything.

Blood is too bright. How can you stab someone with that end of a crowbar? It’s blunt. The whole weapon is blunt. It’s for striking, not stabbing.

… well actually it’s for use as a lever but whatever.

Tranny medic…the face…it’s horrible D: (not flaming, it’s just the medics face…ew looks like a tranny ;;_;:wink:

Mabey they used a crow bar gun on something, don’t blame the guy on that. If they stabbed hard enough the edge could have gone in a little. But that wound is not that deadly looking that I must say, and why shoot some one with a crowbar gun then shoot him with a submachine gun? Waste of ammo and no point of ‘surprise’.

Seems as if your expectations are over the top, I suggest that you chill out.

Whats with the sky in the left hand side