rebels, dead grass.

looks like shit but hey, I don’t even care. Spent quite some time doing so I’m posting it.

posed by gtanoofa

Care Home Fighters 3: The Back Fields.

I enjoyed it :smiley:

Eugh the sharpening.

Can’t see shit.

Even on a 100 Mb/s connection it takes time to load.


It’s funny how this has already got more replies than my last work, which I think is much, much, better.

Their faces, man. What did you do their faces?

The girl on the left looks like Barney.

I think you used too many sharpening

what was that NOISE

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seriously man, you sharpened this way the mother fuck too much

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i can’t say i care for the contrast either

A bit over colored but the posing is good.

Btw What map is that?

something from rnl iirc