Rebels Falling Out of a Wrecked Train

Still doing the editing, took the advice from my sniper thread and didn’t make the backround completely desaturated. i tried to give it a gloomy feeling because if they fell they wouldn’t be happy. :v:


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The medic looks like he doesn’t know what the hell is going on, which he probably doesn’t anyway.

Then again, his life could be flashing before his eyes as he is about to die.

Good posing. The medic and the rebel are too distinguished from the background in my opinion.

these are the kind of replies i look forward to. thank you.

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Medic seems to be in a weird position, perhaps he should have been holding on to something for dear life.

Might be too harsh here, but the middle guys facial expression, the eyes seem too wide and the bottom lip is too far down. Also he must have damn good hands if his thumb can go through a metal train.

Other than that I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it but the medic does seem a bit silly, but then again i have never seen anyone fall out of a wrecked train so either way its a good picture.

did you edit it further than adding letterboxes?

i made the backround blurred and the color a bit faded.

The faceposing is uh

not good

It all looks great, but the seriousness of the picutre slips away once people set their eyes on the medic. He looks confused.

:lol: at the medics face.
Otherwise not so bad.

medic kinda ruins it but the rest is good