Rebels get pinned down by a sniper.

Editing by Hellfire

Original if you wanna see it

Wasnt this already posted?

On the official edit my picture picture thread, yes.

Holy shit, that atmosphere is amazing. If only Episode 2 was like that, the dark dull white forest.


This is fucking beautiful please do more

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Also this has to be the first actually legitimate use of brown I’ve seen in weeks

Needs a bit more contrast if you ask me, but other then that it’s p. great.

Very pretty editing.

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and scenebuild. I like all of it, really.

I can’t really see the sniper, but that’s the point.

Very nice, anyway.

I bet that the sniper couldn’t even see them in a place like that.

This is one of the best edits I’ve seen in a long time. I love it.