Rebels got attacked by some weird creatures

My first. Sorry for the quality.

All effects ingame… and somehow it looked brighter
C&C please. Not about the posing, I know it’s bad.

only c&c i will give you is to not even bother editing your pictures because until you can pose, editing only makes it look worse

Not bad for first picture, but I spilled tea from laughing when I saw a flying zombie in the middle.

It’s supposed to be jumping… just didn’t put too much effort in posing this time. I wanted to hear something about scenebuild or lighting though.

Scenebuild’s ok, when you do lightning try picking out a white color with a slight glow from like red/blue/orange/or some other color, so that there’s a tint of atmosphere. For example, orange lightning with some yellow can give you a sunset touch in a scene. When you do lightning try to do multiple lamps and not just one, also use lightbulbs too by firing with the right click of your lightbulb gun and then moving around the lightbulb with the gravity gun. The scene could also be improved if you went into noclip mode and moved a bit down into the ground and took the picture from there while stepping backwards and zooming in with the camera to make sure that your picture focuses on the characters more than the surrounding rubble and columns. When you take a pic just do super dof => render and try to focus the lens on something that’s in the middle.

I’m not a great poser myself, but the "jumping’’ zombie looks very strange and unnatural.
And the face…

His face is not posable at all… he ain’t even got a head :smiley: it’s a poison zombie without a headcrab. And the lighting is complex, maybe light bulbs are not bright enough. Anyway, I took some time to improve it.
Removed that damn flying zombie, I guess it was not the best idea. And I’m still new to this super DOF, it ruined my first picture.

This one is far better.

Nice scenebuild. It’s promising. Try to add small debris (you can find some in ALL > props_debris).