Rebels headshottin' them combines.

Testing out a shitload of effects.

Compare the screenshots!

C&C, please.

cool :stuck_out_tongue:

the arm ruins it


Good attempt.

Why ain’t nobody givin’ me criticism :frown:

And what the hell do you mean by “good attempt”?

It’s a good effort. It looks okay but not especially impressive. By “good attempt” I mean it’s not the best gory headshot editing in the world but it looks like you tried hard and put lots of detail in the picture so… you know… good attempt.

It’s a crapass picture.
You happy?

Nice effect, but there is alot of wasted space. Get a better angle next time to avoid it.


It looks awesome but lacks detail; you could have added a few things going on in the background, for instance.

Yeah, might do another one of these, that one will have a lot more detail too it.