Rebels in a Flooded Subway Station

So, apparently the universe didn’t want me to make this picture. Save wouldn’t work half the time, Gmod froze a bit more frenquently, certain models stopped spawning…etc. But, I power through and made something of it.

I don’t really like the way Odessa looks a whole lot here, but I needed something to fill some space, and provide light. I didn’t give him a gun because, well, he’s pretty useless in HL2.

Bonus points if you can guess what map this is.

Do you even know what fingerposing is?

Waaaaaaay too dark.

Well, I figured it was either get called out on it being too dark, or it being too light.
It would be pretty dark, since there shouldn’t be any natural light.

And yes, I know what fingerposing is. I tried using it for Odessa, but I couldn’t get anything that looked that great for his hand. Everyone else has some sort of finger posing though.

Here’s the original, non-GIMP’d version, if anyone wants to mess with

The posing is pretty bad. No finger posing. No faceposing. Making it overall bad.

What could I do to improve the posing? I mean, overall?
I know I need to do something with Odessa’s hand, but what other finger posing is bad?

Everytime someone say “Bonus points if you can guess what map this is.”, it means it is


That looks like a L4D map :o but I might be wrong.
If its a scenebuild, then fuck me side ways, its a very nice one.

Yup, it is a scenebuild. Took me a while to get it looking this nice, especially since Gmod was working against me. I’d like to work on this pose again, since this took so long to make. I just need some feedback on what to work on.
Besides fingerposing. I get it.

well then, really nice work on the scenebuild.
Just dont make stuff so dark lol

For the love of god, where do you people use the HL2 textures with the material tools? Is there an addon out there?

Are you asking where the Material tool is? If so, I believe its with the Faceposer/fingerposing tools.
Or are you complaining that we only use HL2 Textures?

EDIT: Okay, I believe the materials are included with the game.

No he is asking where you get the Textures from Half Life 2.

It’s a question not a complaint and the GiMP edit is complete shit, you made it dark??

Like I said before, its a subway tunnel. There would be no natural light. I thought it would look better that way. I thought I’d have people complaining it was too light if I didn’t. My Mistake.

I won’t do it when I re-try this thing.

where the hell did you get the train from?? Anyway nice. I didn’t even know it was flatgrass.

this blows shitflaps i mean… cmon really ragdolls are soooo lazyly done and this pic is more boring then cardboard

Whoa, why do you go to all threads just to say stupid things like this, if you dont have anything nice to say then dont post.



Don’t even start saying stuff like that to other people when you’re doing it yourself.