Rebels manning a T-80u.

I like the posing and depth-of-field.

I am hopefully seeing a upcoming EP3 screenshot :slight_smile:

Tilt shifting :smiley:

They lookin’like toys there.

The combine are fucked.

Tried to make it look abit like tilt shifting :stuck_out_tongue:

About a time we got something like this, wonderfull job!

Where did you get those T80?

Those look like they came from WiC but I could be wrong

He ported them from WiC :v:

Nice pose, Nirrti. Those Combine won’t stand a chance!

Niirti, I admire you.
It has always been my wish for one to port from WiC, I even tried to get Bloo to do it, but he couldn’t.
Teach Bloo how to do this, you’d make a great team.
I LUvUV uuUu

Awesome. How ever I can’t tell if this is one of your City 8 poses or just a random rebel pose :v:

Looks great. My only real complaint is that the ground is a little drab; making it look more muddy complete with tracks and ruts would just complete it.

good work.

I wonder how they managed to get a hold of those.