Rebels scouting a forest [First forest scenebuild :3]

First forest thingy scenebuild.

Good build Zerax! Posing is solid, and prop placement is good. The electrical tower is aliasing pretty bad and I’m not fond off the smoke(?) at the bottom.

It’s okay. The way the tree is blocking the second rebel annoys me for some reason, the bottom of the picture is pretty empty and the smoke lacks definition - it’s kinda of just a big white tint.

Nice scenebuild though, but there’s only so much “stalkers/rebels + brown grass” I can stand.

Yeah, I know: I have no ideas left. I wish I could be creative, but I just can’t. It saddens me deeply, because all I really want to do is enjoy my hobby. But I can’t :confused:

Great build!

Oh goody, another gnome to send in space.

I have a gnome placed somewhere in all of my scenebuilds. For fun :3

Where can I get grass.

Pretty nice.

CoD4 foilage pack released by tlsdurl or whateverthehell his name is.


How many gnomes did you placed?

Just 1 in this one.