Rebels shooting at combines....!

Ah yes, children, screenshot time again!
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Please take a moment to compare the original with the edited version;

NOTES! (That’s right, if everyone else can do it, so can I!)
-This originally was going to be a rebel walking away from his piano, but I changed my mind
-This was edited in Photoshop CS3
-The editing/posing process took about 2 hours.
-There are some minor prop placements, nothing much
-I just realized what a douche these notes make me look like.
-I’m not a douche
-I hope you all love me
-Because I love you all<3

hah nice!

This is better than some of your other works cause it contains ACtion!

Make moar! :smiley:

The Pistoleer is just slouched down weird…

I started a fad. I don’t know whether to be happy or annoyed…

you should be annoyed ben

Hah, I wont be doing it again, nosir. It makes people look like a douche >.>

Except for you, of course, you’re awesome<3

Aww you lovable suck up. ^^

Looks nice and gloomy! Looks like you clipped the ground with the camera though…

It would be nice if we the viewers could see the combine they are shooting. Nice posing, but the camera is a little too close to the ground and the muzzle flash is a bit awkward.

It’s okay. Wide camera angle is a little too wide and leaves a lot of unused space and some of the burning is a bit random.

Overall though, pretty nice.



Also, thanks for the comments. Didn’t notice I clipped the ground :confused: