Rebels trying to take down the laser guns


by the way,i appreciate comments…ಠ_ಠ

Looks… Beamy?

You want comments, huh? Well here’s your damn comment! Haha, but yeah, looks good, I like the lighting, really helps the beamyness look more beamy. Posing overall is good, yet I don’t know if the combine are NPC’s or if they are posed. They look like they take the common NPC assualt stance.

nah,i posed them
i know it’s hard to tell since they are so far,but i’m not lazy enough to use npcs

Awesome, then they look pretty good, they really look life like and not loose jointed, but at the sametime not too stiff.

why does the combine sniper not use his lazer? ._.

pew pew bitch!

I love how the rebel on the far right has no head.

I know the reference - Freeman’s Mind :v:.


I like the gore effect, but seems like you used some horrible shef thingy. :frowning:

Where’d you get that AK model?

Larry’s Ultimate Weapon Pack

What could it mean? :v:

Anyway. Nice pic.

No it’s noattt, it’s the tacticall weapons pack.
I kinda like it, now the posing on the combine sniper is stiff as you should rorate his torso so he should hold the rifle better, and the rebel with the ak variant is holding the gun wrong for his stance. Also the gun emplacement’s tracers are BIG

i don’t even have that pack
and i do know what pack i use

and they’re not tracers,they’re laser beams…

Never noticed the gun in the pack.