Rebels vs Combine: A Roleplaying Thread

*Earth. Year: Unknown. The land is dying. The seas are drying up. Native fauna has all but vanished. Humanity is under the iron fisted rule of an intergalactic empire known as the Universal Union, or as they’re more commonly known amongst humanity, the Combine. Earth’s forces were defeated in 7 hours by the invaders, and the planet was immediately subjugated. Populations were moved into giant urban detainment centers, built into the husks of once great metropolises. Our story takes place in City 17, the largest urban center and seat of the Combine’s power on Earth, one year prior to the arrival of the man who would deliver humanity from the darkness. The populace lives in fear of the Combine, as any disobedience or defiance is quickly and brutally quelled. The people are fed just enough to keep them alive; malnutrition is rife throughout the cities. Some of humanity has chosen to sell their souls to this new devil, and have thrown in with the Combine, whether out of personal motivation or genuine sympathy with their goals. Others have chosen to stand their ground and resist the Combine, holding onto the hope that someday events may swing in their favor. Though their cause is noble, it seems fruitless. The resistance finds themselves hounded by a military force far superior to theirs, with untold decades, perhaps even centuries, of warfare experience. Those who choose to fight must remain in the shadows, striking only when the time is opportune, lest they be crushed swiftly. The Combine enjoys absolute military dominance of the planet, with no real credible threats to their power having arisen yet. Then, in the middle of this all, is you. Will you choose to give yourself to the new world order, or will you choose to rise up and remain defiant in the face of overwhelming odds? The choice is yours. This is… *

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Welcome to the Rebels VS Combine RP thread!**

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Do you want to create amazing HL2 scenes to show to the world? Do you want to control your very own Combine unit? Are you looking to further progress your Gmod/SFM skills? Join this thread!

The goal of this thread is to play in a HL2 universe thread that is powered and progressed by the players.

This thread is similar to the Espionage Wars thread, but has its differences. To keep the OP short and easier to edit later, the rules will be linked to the steam group page. Please read everything thoroughly.**

Read up on the rules here before joining:

Fill out and post this when you’re ready to introduce your group:

Choose a side. Join the war. Have fun!

Sweet, I’ll join soon. You really should put the rules inside the OP though.

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Also, you should restrict the playable area to a specific region like EU etc. instead of specific maps, just a piece of advice.

Well it’s not so much limited to specific maps, it’s more like “These are the areas the story takes place in, use whatever map that fits the theme to represent the area.”
Probably could’ve clarified that a little better.

Unit Name: Light Coast Patrol or LCP

Faction: Rebels

Category: Lightly Armed Combat Unit

Background: The coast is dangerous, no one has ever denied that, not even the Combine. But coast is also home for many refugees, fleeing from the combine’s brutal, brutal rule. And they need protection against the dangers of coast; the wild ant-lions, the occasional combine unit and the brutal storms.

So in order to counter-act these threats the Resistance formed groups of skilled resistance fighters to protect the coast, this unit is one of them.

Click for full size.[/t]
LCP’s Home, a once abandoned boat storage.



Colour correction is awesome!

I most likely won’t be directly participating in the thread with a group, but instead will be more on the story end of things, making little posts here and there to flesh the world out and handling the occasional event.

those eyes

The Combine feeds their conscripts crank for breakfast apparently.

Lookout, not one of the most exciting jobs in the LCP.

I just wanna point out that the best ‘official’ name to represent the Combine is “Our Benefactors”. The often-used Universal Union moniker was meant by Dr. Breen as more of a description ("[…] and only the universal union that small minds call ‘The Combine’ can carry us there.") and used only once in the entire series. Fanon made the term popular but Dr. Breen’s, and by extension the Combine’s, official term is “Our Benefactors”.

I know I’m being nitpicky but if you’re gonna go with roleplaying, might as well be precise!

PS: I’m considering joining. Metrocop represent!


Faction: Combine

Unit Name: Sector 17 Disciplinary Unit, known informally as the Shtrafbat

Category: Civil Protection

Background: Despite being newly formed, the S17 Disciplinary Unit is already one of the least respected and most despised Civil Protection units. Its members include but are not limited to: those convicted in the line of duty (hence the nickname “Shtrafbat”), loose cannons, trouble makers, nutjobs, general scumbags and the unfortunate few who happened to piss off the wrong superior officer. These colourful characters of the S17 Disciplinary Unit are located in more impoverished districts where they are well out of the way of their fellow officers and free to apply their generally heavy handed justice.




Faction: Resistance

Unit Name: Lambda 17-14

Category: recon and raider unit

Background: Lambda 17-14 is a rebel group, operating in woodland areas along the City 17 - City 14 railroad network. It specializes in collecting intel on local combine garrisons and movement, while occasionally raiding their outposts or disrupting railroad traffic. Commanded by a renowned resistance veteran Daniel Hunter, this group is among the oldest active ones in Sector 17. Very adept in guerrilla combat, it will use all kinds of improvised traps and strategies to harm the enemy. Its main base is an unfinished nuclear shelter deep inside the forest.

Several Lambda 17-14 fighters posing for photo.

Most of the time this group patrols areas surrounding their main base, keeping out for combine incursions that could endanger it.


Daniel Hunter, the leader himself, briefing two of his officers. This man served in the US marine Force Recon in Europe before Seven-Hour War. With most of his comrades dead or captured and converted into synth-troops, he managed to avoid capture and successfully hide from the combine for a long time. Boarding transport trains as a stowaway got him to Sector 17 exactly when resistance begun forming. He immediately joined it and used his military experience to train and lead rebel troops, which after a decade became the group he commands now.

Faction: Edgy, but on the Combine.

Unit Name: 10th Company (mmhmm cliché)

Category: Conscripts

Background: After the 7 Hour War had finished one of the first conscripts companies were formed, including 10th Company. At first 10th Company was mostly made out of US Military veterans. But were easily able to slip away from the Combine’s command, so they put Loyalists as the Company’s leading officers, and filled in the gap’s with captured refugees. 10th Company’s main use is both recon and cannon fodder. If 10th Company was able to somehow change allegiance they’d be a powerful asset to the Rebels.

Meh Pictures:[/t]


Faction: Combine

Unit Name: 453rd Combine Mounted Unit “Mjolnir”

Category: Mounted/Mechanized Infantry

The squads of the 453rd are usually put into action when fast reactions are needed by Our Benefactors, or to bolster weakened forces with their quick deployment times.
Although Mjolnir is deployed all over the globe, most soldiers are in reserve until needed.

Some pictures[/T]


I Retconned the appearance of the 453rd guys to make it easier on me. (Those conceptbine guys are so flawed)

Faction: Combine

Unit Name: 17th Civil Intervention Group

Category: Civil Protection – Counter Terrorism

Background: The 17th Civil Intervention Group is a volunteer only elite unit rigorously trained to perform counter-terrorism based missions against any and all anti-citizens within the confines of metropolitan areas.

Faction: Resistance

Unit Name: GunSlingers

Category: Infantry/Recon/Marksmen

Background: The Gunslingers were brought into existence by mere chance. At first being simple citizens, the founders of the group figured they could get by and still carry on day to day life without going through too much trouble as long as they did what they were told… Several bodies later, the founders of the Gunslingers finally got together and decided it was time to do something. Meeting in secret, seven everyday civilians started devising how to fight the Combine. Due to their inexperience however, they were followed and the Combine raided their meeting. Another six bodies later the only survivor founded the Gunslingers and started building it into the small fighting force that it is today. Skilled in espionage and information collecting, the Gunslingers run several operations in-city, disguised as normal civilians and recruiting or observing the Combine. On the outside of the city walls, the Gunslingers mount recon teams to look for easy ways in and out of the city, places to set-up emergency safe-houses, and the like. The Gunslingers also ambush Combine patrols out in the vast wilderness, only after carefully planning and studying how to do so, and they never ambush the same area twice. Over the years the Gunslingers have developed their name due to their violent tendencies towards the Combine, and their ever present persona of slinging any and all types of firearms the Combines way.

**Pictures: **

Great start everyone! Make sure to provide a download link to your troops. You can either distribute them publicly or privately, just as long people can access them.

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I’ll also make a list of all units joined.