Rebels vs. Metro Police Standoff

I Really love the rebel face!

Pretty good, but isn’t the metrocop on the left just you with a gun pulled out?

What the hell is that medic doing to that metrocop?

Pretty good, but I`m with headshotter on this one. It looks like you with a pistol.

You don’t want to know…

Ah you guys got me. After posing the the 3 guys in the background I didn’t feel like posing another metrocop with a gun. But it’s actually not me, it’s a frozen npc. Damn you guys are good. If you want me to, I’ll do a legit pose of it tomorrow.

might want to fix a few other things, like the metro who is getting man handled.

I don’t really like that medic with 2 guns pulled out.

it’s a pretty dynamic pose; I love the angle

faceposing is great

metrocop posing is the only part to work on

to be totally honest

it looks like their dancing


Don’t use NPCs/playermodels.

Something beautiful.

Seriously though, it looks like the metrocop is grinding the medic.

That’s a joke right?

The posing is really bad. Work on it.

Ooooooh thanks.

Anyway, I just went to load the save and my two rebels are now gone. So unless I feel like doing it all over again sometime, there won’t be any work done on it.

Oh my god I loled

NPCs are my biggest beef. The faceposing is good. The metrocop’s crotch is weird looking.

I noticed that when I was posing him. Couldn’t really do much about it.

I love the angle, but the posing on that medic attacking the cop in the back is…strange.

Also, don’t use NPC’s.