Rebel's War Machinery - Rebel driving a badass robot



The editing was done by H3llfire741(Thanks :smile:).

C&C guys!

It looks awesome! But it looks a bit too clean and uniform to be Rebel tech. I’ve always associated them with the Mad Max look for their stuff (example, the jalopy). If you’re going to do another version, I’d suggest making it look a bit more patchwork. But it looks awesome as it is too, don’t get me wrong.

Woaw that’s fantastic.

Very nice!

I completely agree with you Ekalektic, I might take a shot at editing the picture myself later, thanks for the comment!

Glad you guys liked it.

lol looks cool


You should call it “The Choppertron”

Looks awesome.
But IMO it should be have the lambda spray, like the rebel turrets from Episode two.