Rebels watch as the Combine Hellmarch rumbles through their town.

Sorry about the fps counter up on the upper right corner. I forgot I enabled it :frowning:
This is my first screenshot, please be brutally honest in your criticism.

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The Rebels look at the innumerable Combine army march down their street and finally realize that this fight is just another lost cause.

I don’t think ramble is quite the right word

Yeah, I was fumbling around for the right word lol

I think it could do with some editing. Like shadows on the floor and such as.


I’m crap with that kind of editing though, so I can’t really say.

a ‘hanging’ angle that encompasses both the rebels and the marching combine would make this a lot better

It’s pretty good. Could do with some editing.

Yeah, needs editing and you may want to “cl_showfps 0” next time you make a pose.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your critisism.

As almost everyone said, it could really use some editing. But the posing and everything else looks pretty good (except for the girl in the front left, wtf is she doing? :v:)

and i think part of your windows are missing(look around the edges of em)


I was really bored so i decided to do this 5 minute edit

see how much better a pic can be with even a little bit of (bad) editing?

The girl in front is leaning on her husband about to cry, I know I suck at posing.

The room looks very blocky, maybe add some scenery next time. Concept is good.