Reboot version performance

Just set your priorities to performance instead of adding rocket launchers and paintings please, i can barely get 30fps with a decent pc on everything lowest.


Fps drops currently are a problem with unity and memory leaks, they already contacted unity team and they are working on it

not dev team faults

Just No. This is not the only issue with performance. OP has an entirely valid request: the devs work to increase performance. Performance is SO much worse than Legacy. Some of this may be due to problems with the new version of Unity, but it is up to FP to code the game well so performance is much better than now. I am sure they realize the issues - but it is still a big problem.

ok legacy is also one of the shittiest looking games ive ever seen.

The gameplay is why it sold $5,000,000 of copies, not the graphics - although the terrain is excellent. But new Rust should at least be able to be close to the performance of Legacy.

If anyone could remember Legacy when it came out in browser, it was so smooth and at 60fps while it was still raw and look at reboot, how long has it been?