Reborn Soldier

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Reborn soldier


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod[/release]

A Blacksite Area 51 soldier i found on some site.

Credits goes to Midway for making this model.

Just extract the folders into your garrysmod directory.


Looks awesome! Way to go Lillwasa :smiley: Thanks!

Wow, looks really unique, thanks

Awesome D: While your at it, this guy would be cool too;

Woah. This looks pretty sweet. Downloading!

Ahem. :v:

I don’t like the camo, but the rest looks good.

I don’t like the lights and flashlight of his gun, looks bad. but everything else rocks.

I did some skinning on the model if you don’t mind, but I have no idea what to add next.

What I changed:
-added some dirt and scratches.
-added some shading.
-added some camo.

OOoohhhh NICE!


Looks like a Replica soldier to me.

Sauce of the Awesome variety.

Please tell me this is rigged with animations.

It’s rigged like all other Lillwasa ragdolls

Combine Elite. Naow.

This model is not rigged to the Valve.bip skeleton and can’t support animations until someone re-rigs it.

Oh. hmmph.

You know it would be epic.