Rebuilding Stilwater to Gmod

Hi! You guys have probably heard of Saints Row games (if not, go to Saints Row Wiki ).
What I’m trying to do is rebuild Stilwater from SR2 (in parts) for Gmod. However, I’m not enough skilled to do this myself.

I think the Saints Row district would be good point to start. I have successfully ripped the Phillips building (Ultor skyscraper) and the one bridge to 3DS Max.
The bridge is missing some parts.
Now I need someone to fix the bridge and export the models to Source. Pilips building doesn’t need any fixes or textures, exept resizing, I’ll build it in hammer, just need it as model.

3DS Max files:

I’m gonna post .3ds format files later, they’re still uploading to dropbox.

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve here. If your questions is for people to fix and entirely rerig/convert the models for source to you, you’re going to have to ask in the modeling section of Facepunch. It’s not a service users give, so a ‘please’ would be appropriate with your post as well. I don’t really see why you would take up such a massive project if you don’t even know how. I don’t think people are willing to convert every single follow-up component of Stillwater for you.

You will get more help in the modeling section;

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