Rebuilding vanilla team (Veterans only)


You need 2k+ Hours preferably or be a known player - You should be self sufficient & be capable to solo base in the beginning or to base with other try out(s) (You are not a slave (You can choose to keep ur codelock to urself) (If you do base with another individual, I highly recommend to have ur own 1x1 inside the try out base with your personal gearset), we are completely self sufficient & wont need your help to succeed but we need to grow from the 5 people we are in this moment to be able to compete with certain alliances of groups.
We are using teamspeak,
I know my expectations are high but anything else and you are simply not what I am looking for.
Add me for further discussion/questions

whats the difference between 1k and 2k Hours, tell me please :nope:

1k hours is the diff.

you won the first place.

What server are you guys on to require more than 5 members in order to compete?

Invite me, lets wreck some shit

The 2k player will let you know soon enough.

Im so ready for this

Experience > Experience

I remember you from Legacy. He’s a good player, one of the top ones if I recall.

Curious as to how you would meter or gauge a “top tier” player in this game.
Is it KDR? Big bases? Loots? Or is it just hours logged.

I think 2k hours or 1k hours makes you a veteran.

I’m very skilled at tactical troop placementry and rifling but not as skilled in base building .etc

Some people might have 2k hours just shooting pigs.

What are you specifically needing/wanting?


Im looking for good players. (A good player is self sufficient in everything about rust.)


The majority of people with 2K hours are kids that leave rust running over night to try to get respect from kids like you!

My 750 LEGITIMATE HOURS will destroy your big ol’ “2k” hour’d clan.

oh ok, cya on rustafied main ?

If your so good at this game then why do you need help? I play with 3 fucks and we have everything, every blueprint with a monster base and about 350hqm just sitting there.

I can solo this game, but i prefer to do certain things u would just get zerged the fuck doing if ur group is too small on Rustafied Main. Its a mean fucking server

What server you on? Facepunch servers u can take face on keyboard and roll it, it is litterary that easy. But rustafied is different story entirely.

Dickpunch servers. It’s always a wild ride

ye, those servers are ez mode :slight_smile: try out rustafied main and u will know what I am talking about.