Reccomend webhosting?

Anyone know any good, quality places for web hosting? There’s a lot out there but I’d like to get some real advice before I spend some money.

Excellent host I have my email and website with them and they have fantastic prices. has web hosting available at convenient prices. 5 locations that you can host your site on around the world. Use AE27J at checkout for unmetered hosting for $25/year. is pretty decent, with a long history of reliability.

Xenonservers Webhosting

This^ I’ve had my website hosted with them for several months their quality is great and reliable. I give them a 10 in score.

Xenon Servers.



Do you mean this?




Oh, I use Xenon too. They’re great.

Gosh, can we not have almost every thread in this forum turn in to a Xenon vs Brohoster argument fest?

Apparently there the only two hosts that people will argue over.

My opinion is that xenonservers is good.

What you get at

You get get your site in 5 World Wide Locations.

For a low price of $5/mo.

Is their a fair usage on the web space with Xenonservers, could be useful as offsite backup for my server?

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I second this.

I"m not a dick but yet again I don’t work for them yet. I have to wait for another job opening.

Maybe they’re a little slow but I haven’t gotten anyone’s who’s a dick.

Yea I know everyone I ever got wasn’t a dick at all.