Reccomended server hosting?

I know most of you are gunna say Xenon or Brohoster, but out of this list ( which is the best? Don’t take price into account, just pure quality. Any past experiences with Art Of War Central? I’m kinda looking towards them atm. Thanks in advance.

There’s a reason they’re the top two hosters.

I recommend Xenon.

I have already have Xenon, but my server lags really bad.

Did you open up a ticket?

Then try brohoster… :ms:

Brohoster. Don’t touch art of war, they are fucking horrible.

For me gameservers from Xenon and webhosting from BroHoster. Both have their pros and cons. They are fairly equal in quality. But this is only my opinion.

Bbservers. Quality.

Xenon. Cheap.

There’s only one company that can provide quality for a reasonable price.

I use xenon servers right now until I gain a player base. The overall experience is alright. I do sometime get lag at night for a couple minutes. Hardly noticeable because it’s during late time. I just assume it when updates are being performed.

Brohoster, had one server hosted with them, they replied to my tickets were literally instant and the server never lagged.

Brohoster has real good servers but xenon has many features.

Their machines are brilliant, no lag and I haven’t has a single issue with them yet. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend their support is awsome, so is their machines and prices

Their in the UK though

I would say but their out of stock so either open a ticket with

Or rent a dedi like you did before.

For what location?

Stay far away from GMOD.EU

Brohosters is the way too go, Its what I use.

You (and all who liked it) didn’t even test it. We are new - so why would you say that?