Reccomended Upload per Player?

Hello! I plan on hosting servers in my own network and through a GRE tunnel close by, I was wondering how many players I can fit in total on my servers with 100mbps a up and down connection.

I found a post that’s a couple years old that has a formula for this, I don’t know how accurate it is. I plan on keeping my servers at the stock 66 tick and lower to 33-48, and with an sv_minrate of 1048576.

The formula is 5,000 * player count * 8 / 1000, is this any good or at least good enough for a rough estimate? Thanks!


Well my server only uses 10mbps (at the very, very most) at 60+ players. So about 600 - your hardware capabilities.

The sv_minrate that high, erm, would be deadly for a player who don’t live in a city on some sweet broadband. Your probably should just have your sv_minrate at 1 and sv_maxrate at 0.

You also don’t need a tickrate of 66, kinda excessive. A tickrate of 23 is pretty much unnoticeable in comparison, unless your on a FPS focused gamemode.

As your hosing from home though you instantly have a few downsides

  1. Your PC specs are most probably feeble compared to a server of what is required what your in about.
  2. Your ISP, is, well, an home ISP. The home network your running is probably a tier 2 or tier 3 network. This essentially means that your network will be, slower *sorta, and that it will have less of a range to players, and the server browser list as it currently stands (horrible explanation, but essentially home network = weaker data centre connection = stronger)
  3. The server performance would be reduced for example, if you try to render a video, you try to play a game like ArmA, your server will literally run out of resources in an instant and it really limits your capabilities to do anything (if your getting players on your server)

Bit of a rant there but hope you got the info you needed :slight_smile:

Bings :smiley:

Hey thanks for the info, the minrate is that high because it keeps the choke from spiking up so often. I set it lower before and the choke would often spike to 60 in gamemodes like TTT. I do plan on RP gamemodes to be lower tickrates, Sandbox will be 66 since it’ll have E2.

My hardware probably can’t handle 600 people but here’s the answers to your numbers.

1.) My specs will be rocking a Xeon 1240v5 (Basically a more efficient i7-4790k), 16GB of ram and 2x 128GB SSD’s. It’ll do all my servers very healthy.

2.) I have a tier 1 provider, I’m on the Verizon backbone.

3.) It’ll be hosted on it’s own server machine.

If you have any questions I can supply, thanks a lot for the answer and the scale I should expect. I appreciate it.